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  • Episode 8 – Ethan Daniel Davidson

    In Episode 8 of A Drink With Detroit, Hillary Sawchuk sits down with Ethan Davidson. Musical artist and son of the late Detroit Pistons and Guardian Industries owner Bill Davidson, Ethan Davidson, opens up about music not working out the way he wanted it to, what he thinks his father would say about the Pistons’ move downtown and all of the things his father and their foundation, William Davidson Foundation, quietly did (and do) for the city of Detroit. Davidson also tells us about his very unique first date with his wife, Gretchen, Tom Gores (the current Pistons owner)inviting himself to his recording session before he took over the Pistons, how he was once a naysayer about Detroit and the best business and life lessons from his father.

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  • Episode 7 – Flint Eastwood

    In Episode 7 of A Drink With, Detroit’s Flint Eastwood (singer-songwriter Jax Anderson) opens up over an old fashioned at Detroit Foundation Hotel. Listen in on why the Detroit creative community has survived so long and how the more you peel back the layers in this city the more that you find. We chat about how music is what she wants to do and she isn’t going to stop at nothing to make it happen.

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  • Episode 6 – Ed Welburn

    In Episode 6, Hillary Sawchuk sits down with Ed Welburn at Foundation Studio. Ed Welburn of Detroit is one of the most influential designers of our time. He was the VP of Global Design at General Motors for 13 years of his 44 years at GM. It’s only fitting to have this chat in the Motor City at Detroit Foundation Hotel. Pour yourself a martini and listen in as we talk about his conversation with Barack Obama, how to manage creatives, what makes a good design, how a clear vision is needed to be successful and what the the bankruptcy was really like at GM.

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